Applying our secret sauce in the cloud

We leverage the latest developments in cloud computing and machine learning so inmydata is always fast, can automatically search your data for insights and understanding you might otherwise miss, and provides forecasts based on your historic data

Constantly learning how to respond faster

inmydata is built on a smart data warehouse that uses machine learning to constantly improve query speeds. The platform analyses the structure of your data and learns from every request you make to continually improve performance.

Searching for insights that matter most for you

inmydata constantly monitors your data, intelligently comparing updates with what has gone before to identify trends and insights. It also learns from each users’ interactions, so the insights it offers are those that matter most to you.


Delivering forecasts for better planning

Setting a strategy for your organisation is much easier if you have an idea of what will likely happen in the future, as well as what has already happened in the past. So inmydata analyses your historic data to build forecasts, and constantly tests and refines them to improve their accuracy.

Delivering tools to inform the best business strategy

We deliver the insights and forecasts along with a platform to explore data at scale, so senior staff setting the business strategy have a complete understanding of the business and its performance.


Experience and Innovation in Analytics

Over the last 16 years DataPA has delivered analytics solutions to more than 30 thousand users, in more than 300 companies across 11 countries. inmydata was born out of this wealth of experience and a real drive to innovate.









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